Apple’s hidden feature makes your iPhone 14 a little better

Despite the fact that you and your iPhone are probably inseparable, Apple’s smartphone still has plenty of secrets for you. For example, there is a special function behind the lock button that we have not heard very many people about. OMT editor Jeroen Kraak tells you everything.

We really don’t have to explain to you that the iPhone is a fantastic device that you can do a lot with. Whether it’s taking unique photos or great notes, you can do it all very easily. Yet there are also a number of hidden functions that you really want to try.

The secret feature on your iPhone

One of those secret functions is hidden behind the lock button of your device. Before you immediately start opening your phone to see what exactly is there, this is of course meant figuratively.

You can give your iPhone’s lock button another function that you didn’t have before. This is called Activation button. To do this, you dive deeper into the settings of your device to unlock this option.

By adjusting a small thing in the settings, you can give the lock button the function you want. For example, do you want to enable zooming, color filters or voice-over? These and 15 other functions are possible.

Still, perhaps the best feature on your iPhone is AssistiveTouch. With this feature you get an extra button on the screen whenever you want. This immediately gives you a lot more options that you can easily operate. This gives you access to multiple options such as the home screen or the notification center at the touch of a button.

Apple's Hidden Feature Makes Lock Button iPhone 14 Much More Efficient

This is how you set the Activation button in

Do you want the Activation button on iPhone by pressing three times? We explain here which steps you take for this.

  1. Open Institutions
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. Scroll down and click Activation button
  4. Choose which functions you want to use by pressing three times
  5. Press the lock button three times and you can switch that function on or off with it

You have now activated the secret function behind your iPhone’s lock button. If you don’t like it at all, you can turn it off in the same way.

Millions of iPhone users can unlock three secret apps

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Apple’s Hidden Feature Makes Lock Button iPhone 14 Much More Efficient

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