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Until now, Samsung’s Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52s have not yet had the May update. And now it is. It’s not an update that brings a lot of interesting things, but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

Samsung Galaxy A52 updated

Galaxy A52(s) update May 2023

Actually, the first sentence above is not quite correct. The Galaxy A52 with 4G had the latest security patch secretly for a while, namely. But now it is finally the turn of both 5G variants – with and without ‘s’.

To be precise, the Galaxy A52 5G will receive an update of more than 200MB to firmware version A526BXXS3EWD6. The A52s will receive a package of just under 300MB containing firmware A528BXXU3EWE1. On the former, the update is a pure security update, installing only the May patch. The second also irons out some software wrinkles (ahem, bugs) that had arisen after the last few updates.

The May patch installs a total of about 55 improvements to the Android OS. Four of them are specifically to close a critical vulnerability in the software of Qualcomm processors. And yes, they can be found in all A52 models. There are also about twenty improvements for the One UI software, including fixes for the ThemeManager, Knoxand the GearManager apps.


The May update is now available on all unbranded Galaxy A52 and A52s models in the Netherlands and Belgium. And also on Vodafone’s branded devices you can download it directly.

Do you have the update on your Galaxy A52? Do you encounter any other noticeable changes, or do you notice any bugs that have been fixed on the A52s?

(Thanks, William!)

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