Ajax tweets the name of one player after the 1-0, and it is not Steven Bergwijn’s

Ajax has taken a 1-0 lead in the home match against FC Utrecht. Steven Bergwijn made it 1-0 in the twentieth minute, although compliments also go to Jorrel Hato for his part in the goal.

The match between Ajax and FC Utrecht can be followed in our live report.

At their own back line, Hato won a duel for the ball from Anastasios Douvikas, after which Ajax could attack. The defender found Owen Wijndal, who combined with Tadic on the left flank and took the ball deep into half of Utrecht. With a tight wide pass, he found Bergwijn, who bounced the ball a bit far from his foot, but was still able to make it 1-0 with a hard swipe.

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Commentator Leo Driessen van ESPN immediately highlighted Hato’s role after the goal. “It is Hato who also deserves a round of applause, the young defender who is now also being celebrated, because it is not the first time that he intervenes excellently, after which Ajax can continue via Wijndal. Then the ball reaches Bergwijn and he shoots it neatly crosswise. It starts with Hato.” Ajax simply tweets after the goal: ‘Jorrel Hato.’

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