Ah! Peter Gillis has found a replacement for Nicol

It is still fresh in our memory: the break-up between Peter Gillis and Nicol Kremers. And although we see Nicol quite often on our socials and she clearly let us know that she has moved on with her life, it was pretty quiet around Peter. Until now! Because what turns out? The Mass is Cashstar has now found a new woman in his life.


Tomorrow evening it’s finally time: then we can enjoy the tenth season of the ratings hit again Mass is Cash. Of course a lot has changed, because our Nicolleke has left and Peter is single again. Yet we read in the description of the first episode of the new season that Peter’s ex has long been replaced. “There is now a new woman in his life, not a new girlfriend but personal assistant Klaartje,” it says.

Plans on the shovel

Although Nicol can of course no longer be seen in the foreground in the program, she will certainly pass by in the background. “The family gathers to take stock of what Nicol has left behind at the parks,” reads the description of the first episode of the upcoming season. “And all of Nicol’s plans for the new villa are being scrapped.”

Mike and Johnny

Another question that many Mass is Cashviewers had about the coming season, is whether we would see family friends Mieke and Johnny again after Nicol’s departure. We have good news for fans of that couple: we will definitely see them again in the new season.

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