ADO Den Haag closes its last home match with a draw against FC Dordrecht

ADO Den Haag failed to take full advantage on Friday evening in the Bingoal Stadium in the last home game of this season against the number 19 of the Kitchen Champion Division. After a 1-1 halftime score, the game ended in 2-2.

Young Ajax

Last Monday, the play-offs could finally be put out of mind after the 4-2 defeat in Amsterdam against Jong Ajax.

Goalkeeper change

Trainer Dick Advocaat had already announced on Thursday that ‘talents’ would get a chance against the Sheep buttons. In the end it was limited to the goalkeeper because Kilian Nikiema replaced the sick Sonny Stevens and made his debut in the Hague goal.


The home team had to contend with a serious infirmary and injuries. In addition to the suspended Rodriguez, Absalem, Sleegers and Severina were also absent for the last home game of this season.

1st Half

The residents of The Hague started the match in the new home shirt for the 2023/2024 season, based on the shirt from the late 1980s, with Hotelplan as shirt sponsor at the time. Advocaat’s team immediately went on the attack, which did not immediately result in great opportunities. After fifteen minutes it was Malik Sellouki who made an attempt, but his effort did not endanger Liam Bossin in the Dordrecht goal. Minutes later, the home side were awarded a corner by Ricardo Kishna, but captain Boy Kemper’s header disappeared into Bossin’s hands. Then it was hit by Sellouki who put the 1 – 0 on the scoreboard after a smart pass from Thomas Verheydt. The residents of The Hague could not enjoy this lead for long, because four minutes later the visitors came alongside again by Tidjany Touré (1 – 1), which also meant the halftime score.

2nd Half

The first achievement was for the home team. Kemper released a shot where many saw the ball fly into the top corner, but the ball missed the target by a few meters. Not much later, Benjamin Reemst, who was still active at ADO last season, was almost responsible for the 1-2, but his effort hit the post. In this phase, the Hofstadpoleg was briefly pushed back, but the offensive of the people of Dordt was short-lived. The home side took the lead again in the 72nd minute. Sellouki was knocked down in the box and referee Richard Martens firmly pointed to the spot. Verheydt got behind the ball and shot flawlessly (2-1). Even now, the defense of The Hague did not manage to hold on for long, because three minutes later the ball was already behind Nikiema in the goal (2 – 2).


At the start of the Hague quarter, the last home game under the leadership of Advocaat was briefly discussed. With a large banner and the chanting of his name by supporters from The Hague, the experienced coach received a nice tribute.

Final phase

In the final phase, the home team still had enough chances to win the game, but both Joël Zwarts and substitute Mario Bilate did not get the opportunities in the Dordrecht goal, partly due to excellent intervention by goalkeeper Bossin. The last home game of the season ended in a 2-2 draw.

Karel Jansen trophy

After the match, the Karel Jansen Trophies were awarded to the best player, the greatest talent and the top scorer of the season. Verheydt became top scorer with 14 goals. Finn van Breemen was chosen as the greatest talent and TItouan Thomas was chosen as man of the match.


ADO Den Haag – FC Dordrecht : 2 – 2 (1 – 1)

Scoring progression : 28th min. 1 – 0 Sellouki, 32nd min. 1 – 1 Touré, 72nd min. 2 – 1 Verheydt (p), 75th min. 2 – 2 Cetin

Yellow cards : Hall (ADO Den Haag), vd Avert, Receveur (FC Dordrecht)

Referee: Richard Martens

Spectators : 6,486

Line-up ADO Den Haag : Nikiema, Kemper, v.Breemen, Asante (72/Werker), Hall (82/Wehrmann), Kishna, Thomas, Sellouki(76/Komljenovic), Zwarts, Verheydt, Ćatić (76/Bilate)

Line-up FC Dordrecht : Bossin, El Azzouzi, Reemst (82/Schippers), Longo, vdAvert (61/Brito), Aberkane, Noc (45+3/Receveur), Suray, Toure, Smolarczyk, Cetin

Editors: Rob Blankenstein

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