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Although it has been spring for a while and we are even heading towards summer, unfortunately the weather is letting us down. We prefer to enjoy sunny days of 20 degrees and go outside with the children, but unfortunately this is not always possible. There are still regular days off filled with rain. Fortunately, these days don’t have to be boring at all. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do from home with your family. A lot cheaper too and so you still have a nice day. Are you looking for some activities for a rainy day? You can find some inspiration in this blog!

rainy day activities

Do puzzles together

A puzzle might not be the first rainy day activity you think of, but it’s actually perfect for a rainy day. With a van rushing puzzle you will soon be busy for a few hours or maybe even a whole day. It is also fun for young and old and keeps the children busy. So make a nice pot of tea and grab some cookies and get to work together. Need more challenge? Then you can also make a competition out of it. Make teams, grab two puzzles with roughly the same number of pieces and see who can finish first. Or take a different kind of puzzle, such as 3d puzzles, fun guaranteed!

From the blog team I know that Linda and Kelly regularly make big puzzles with the family. Remember that sometimes you just need to be able to leave the puzzle alone and that will most likely mean that you won’t be able to use your dining table for dinner for a few days.

Banana cake
Baking a delicious banana cake with chocolate

Baking something delicious on a rainy day

Prefer something more active? Then see if you can bake something delicious together. For example, think of a cake or delicious cookies. Baking is not only a lot of fun, but the result is also very tasty. Keep in mind the level of difficulty and do not make something that is too difficult for the children. In the end you can enjoy it together and enjoy your baking. So you had a good time again.

You can bake sweet things like tasty muffins or a cake, but also choose something healthy. Make a savory pie with your child with different types of vegetables in it. By making it together, children often like it and that way they discover new food. It will of course be great if you first get the necessary groceries together. Although you may have to go into the rainy day.

popcorn machine
Bake popcorn together

Have a movie afternoon

Don’t really feel like doing anything? Then enjoy a movie afternoon with the family. For this you can make your own cinema at home. For example, turn the sofa into a cozy hut or throw some mattresses on the floor in front of the television. So it is slightly different from a regular movie in the evening. Then choose some fun family movies and watch. Extra fun is to get everyone’s favorite snack in advance or perhaps make it yourself. Make your own popcorn with a popcorn machine for example. Does your child love toast with spreads? Then make your own tuna salad or egg salad together. This way you will soon be busy all afternoon.

Activities for a rainy day – games!

I’ll mention it last, but it’s probably the most obvious. At our house, playing games is number 1 of the activities for a rainy day. This also brings a bit of childhood sentiment to me. Camping for years and then playing Monopoly in the awning while you hear the rain coming against the tent cloth. Cozy cup of tea and some snacks and we enjoyed ourselves for hours!

With all those screens that we have in our lives nowadays, playing games has receded into the background for many people. There are games that take hours, but also games that you can play in 15 minutes.

For example, we recently played four in a row with friends. Not with the two of us, no with the five of us. The winner was allowed to stay put and so we played a lot of games in a row.

Inspiration for enough days at home

So there are plenty of things you can do at home to keep the family entertained on a rainy day. It’s an excellent way to spend some quality time with the family without breaking the bank. That rain tapping on the window only makes it extra cozy!
Go and make a big jigsaw puzzle together, bake something delicious, watch a movie or play a game together.
Have fun together, and make memories together. As I have memories of the activities on a rainy day at the campsite, your child will also remember these moments later.

And do you still want some fresh air? Then go and stomp in the puddles together! Then take a nice shower and warm on the couch watching that movie with those delicious cookies you baked together!

puddles stomping in the rain activities for a rainy day
Photo by Yan Krukau: via pexels

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