9 ways to save money with the e-bike

Driving less sounds like a good idea, right? Gas is expensive, but cycling on an electric bicycle has more advantages than saving at the pump. Riding your e-bike for transportation means you spend less time in traffic, spend less money on car ownership costs, and have more time to get exercise and fresh air while you’re out and about.

By reducing your car use over the course of a few months, you can even save enough money to offset the cost of a new e-bike, and soon transition to an overall cost savings for your household by cycling more and driving less .

In this day and age, saving money is almost a necessity for many people. Money worries cause a lot of stress and that affects our health. Moreover, cycling, also on an e-bike, is good for your health anyway!

That’s why as a new guest blogger for Good food Healthy living I would like to share some sustainable ideas with you, to help you start thinking about how you can make the transition to more exercise and less costs with the help of an e-bike!

9 tips on how to save more money with your e-bike

Save extra money with an e-bike, in the photo a typical Dutch electric bike with a basket at the front

1. Ride your e-bike to the store

About 50% of all household trips are 2 miles or less, and you can bet that includes many short trips to the grocery store. It’s easy to set up your electric bike as a wheelbarrow on regular runs where you pick up a few bags worth of supplies. With a sturdy luggage rack and a set of panniers, you not only have your own reusable shopping bags, but also the best way to retrieve items from the store. First determine what would be the best electric bikes for you.

2. Switch to insurance per kilometer

Car owners who don’t log a lot of miles are aware that many insurers offer mileage-based plans that can save infrequent drivers significant savings. Adding an e-bike to your transportation options gives you a better way to drive less while still getting around efficiently, putting you on track to reach the low riding threshold where per-mile insurance saves you money. means.

3. Cancel your gym membership

Okay, this one won’t win converts in the weight room…but those who go to the gym for aerobics will find that cycling (even with motor assist) can be just as effective a workout as gym options. Even if you keep your gym membership, you can ride back and forth and tune your motor assist levels to give you an optimal warm-up and cool-down.

4. Lower your EV charging bill

Is your electric bicycle not the only electric vehicle in your garage and do you also have an electric car? We are delighted that you have lowered your carbon footprint! Now lower it even further by using your super-efficient eibike on more rides and leaving your heavy electric car parked; storing the charge of that 60 kWh battery for when you need it.

5. Save on car maintenance

Tire wear, brake pads, suspension components – they are all expensive to replace on a car and much cheaper to replace on electric bikes. If you want to reduce your overall carbon footprint, you should also keep in mind that riding your electric bike produces far less brake dust and tire rubber particles than even the most compact cars.

6. Good for your health

Whether you’re heading to a local restaurant or meeting a friend for a backyard BBQ, there’s nothing like a good ride to work up an appetite, breathe in the cool air, and enjoy saving a few bucks on gas money while you do that. This ensures less stress and better health. That also saves money!
Do you drive at night? Have proper lighting and 360º reflective decals on your e-bike to make your evening and night excursions safer.

7. Go multimodal! Mix public transport with e-biking

If you live in a place with public transport, you can probably take your bike on the bus or train. So take your e-bike instead of waiting for connections. Combining modes of transport is a great way to cover longer distances and still avoid the hassle of rush hour traffic. Being able to use this mix saves you in the long run, as the cost of a monthly subscription combined with an e-bike is still well below car ownership!

8. Get on your bike and rent out your vehicle

Many people plan to keep their cars, even if they switch to electric bikes for most daily trips. Did you know that you can rent out your personal car instead of leaving it when you’re not using it? There are a number of peer-to-peer car sharing apps that let you rent out your car, truck, or van on an hourly basis, making money (or at least offsetting gas and insurance costs) while doing more with ride your electric bike through the city.

9. Bring your children to school by bike and save time

Remember that 50% of all trips are short trips of less than 3 kilometers? To us, that distance sounds like a daily drive to high school, colleges, or the morning run to take the kids to primary school. Assuming an average e-bike speed of 15 MPH over those 2 miles, you could travel door to door in under 15 minutes. By eliminating the time spent looking for a parking spot or waiting in the drop-off line, you’ll get where you’re going in record time while reducing stress!

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