5x child-friendly places in Italy

Making holiday plans? Would you like to go to Italy with your children this summer, but you have no idea where to go? In this article we share five child-friendly places in Italy.

Italy is a very child-friendly country. Italians love children and they love to give them a lot of attention and spoil them well. When you go on holiday here with your children, they will not be short of anything.

Child-friendly places Italy

But where is the best place to go in this child-friendly country? We list five child-friendly places in Italy.

1. Lake Garda

Lake Garda is perhaps one of the nicest destinations in Italy with children. From the Netherlands it is easy to do by car. If you like camping, you can find many nice places on the lake here. Especially the south side of Lake Garda has many large campsites where there is plenty to do for children. Swimming is also very easy for children here on the sandy beaches and shallow water. On the south side of the lake you will also find a large water and amusement park that is ideal to visit with children.

On the north side of Lake Garda it is mountainous. This can also be a very nice destination with children. It is a slightly sportier region where you can take beautiful walks or bike rides with the family. There are fewer campsites on this side of the lake, but plenty of nice holiday homes to rent.

2. Puglia

Puglia is a region in the heel of the boot. You can reach this destination by plane. It is advisable to rent a car here and make a nice road trip with your children. The beaches are ideal with children, but there are also some beautiful historic towns to visit. You can also find a number of beautiful water parks in Puglia, where children can let off steam.

3. Sardinia

It is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe: Sardinia. This island is also good to visit with children. It is a relatively quiet island with beautiful nature. When you fly to Alghero you can visit a nice climbing park with your children. There are also many fun excursions to book along the coast. How about a dolphin safari? The beaches are wonderful to relax and take a dip in the sea. The snow-white beaches are guaranteed to give you a holiday feeling.

4. Tuscany

Fancy a nice road trip with your kids? Then Tuscany is one of the most child-friendly places in Italy. You will find countless zoos, water parks, child-friendly campsites, caves and beautiful nature. It is a nice destination to drive from city to city through the beautiful rolling countryside.

5. South Tyrol

Do you prefer an active outdoor holiday? Then South Tyrol is a beautiful destination in Italy. You can take the most beautiful mountain walks with the family here, but you will also find nice child-friendly campsites. There are countless beautiful mountain lakes in South Tyrol, so that children can also experience plenty of water fun. Finally, South Tyrol is also an economical destination, because it is relatively close from the Netherlands compared to other child-friendly places in Italy. That saves a long car ride with children.

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5x child-friendly places in Italy

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