3 reasons to choose an internet only subscription

3 reasons to choose an internet only subscription

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to internet subscriptions. There are different types of internet connections that you can choose from: DSL internet, cable internet or fiber optic internet. Within that you can also choose different download speeds. But you also have the choice whether you opt for a combined package with internet, television and possibly also a fixed telephone line or whether you opt for a subscription for internet only. We discuss three reasons to opt for an internet-only subscription.

You no longer watch television

Many people still have a combined subscription for internet and television, complete with a media box for television reception and being able to pause and record broadcasts. But at the same time, the reality is that we all watch less and less television according to broadcast. Streaming services such as Netflix, Videoland and Disney+ ensure that we can watch what we want when we want. NPO broadcasts can often be viewed later for free via NPO Start. Do you recognize this and do you come to the conclusion that you hardly watch so-called ‘linear’ television anymore? Then it probably makes little sense to hold on to a television subscription that you no longer use. An internet only subscription is then sufficient for you and that is a good reason to switch to such an internet subscription without television.

You want to save on costs

We live in very difficult times. Inflation has driven all prices up and our revenues have not necessarily increased accordingly. Of course, there are also high energy prices. In addition, we all have to deal with unexpected financial setbacks that can have a major impact. Then it is understandable that you are looking for ways to save on a structural basis. One of the buttons you can turn is your subscription for internet and television. It is quite possible that you can save money by switching from your current subscription to an internet-only subscription. You have to drop your television subscription for that, but if the above story is recognizable to you, you already made much less use of it.

You want to save on costs

You want better internet

Another reason to opt for an internet-only subscription is because you would like better internet than you currently have. You can often benefit from higher internet speeds with an internet-only subscription. Because you only pay for internet, it is attractive for providers to offer higher speeds than with a combined subscription that also includes television and possibly even telephony. This means you can enjoy faster internet without incurring extra costs for services you don’t need.

For some it will be a bit of a pain to choose to stop taking out a television subscription and only take out a subscription for the internet. But in a sense it is also just moving with the times. Linear television and fixed telephony are somewhat on the decline. You might as well take an advance on that.

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