22x salad for the bbq

The sun is shining and the first question that comes up: is it barbecue weather? For a meat, fish or vegetarian dish you may already have some inspiration. But what about the salad for the bbq?

‘I especially like all non-meat dishes that come with a barbecue’, how many times have you heard this quote in your life? When it comes to grilling, many people are especially happy about all the delicious side dishes. Ready for some fresh inspiration? In this article we list some options for salads for you.

For many, barbecue season is all about succulent cuts of meat, flavorful marinades and smoky aromas. But in the midst of all that barbecue violence, one element is often overlooked: the salads. Absolutely no less important than that piece of meat. Salads provide freshness and a welcome variety of flavors and textures.

The perfect salad for your barbecue

What should a good salad for your BBQ meet? First of all, choose ingredients that go well with grilled food. Think of crunchy vegetables, such as cucumber, bell pepper or radishes. They form a tasty counterpart to the meat. Fruit such as watermelon, pineapple or peach make your salads sweet and summery.

Choose a dressing that is lighter and not too overpowering. Think of a dressing based on lemon or balsamic vinegar. Add some fresh herbs (from your own garden?) – basil, mint or coriander – and you’re done!

The eye also wants something, so keep that in mind when shopping. Choose colorful ingredients and a tasty, crunchy topping of, for example, roasted nuts, seeds or croutons.

Not in the mood for thinking? Then get started with one of the salads in the list below.

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Salad for the BBQ

Waldorf Salad

This waldorf salad is super green because of the fresh lemon mayo with dill, parsley and basil. With extra pistachio crunch.

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waldorf salad step by step
pasta salad with pesto

This colorful pasta combines perfectly with all kinds of fresh ingredients in a fresh salad. A pasta salad is a tasty, full-fledged main meal, but can also be served as a side dish, for example at a barbecue. If you have some left over, no problem! This pasta remains wonderfully firm and does not get soggy, so it is also delicious if you want to eat it for lunch the next day.

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Grand_Italia_Salad_Pasta_Penne_with_Pesto (1)_delicious
pasta salad with grilled peaches

This pasta salad contains the sweet taste of peach, the hearty taste of blue cheese and the savory taste of olives… Enjoy such a perfect addition to a beautiful summer day!

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pasta salad with grilled peach |  delicious
pasta salad with tuna & anchovy dressing

Janneke Philippi came up with this do-it-yourself pasta salad for us. ‘I find it surprising to present the ingredients of a salad separately, so that everyone can put together their own salad. You can prepare all the ingredients in advance!’ This salad is on the table within half an hour and even better; in the park, on your balcony, in the garden, as long as it’s al fresco!

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tuna pasta salad - delicious
wholemeal pasta salad with roast beef

Every now and then we like real power food. That is why we choose ingredients that can give our body that little bit extra, for example walnut oil. It contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids and also omega-3 oil, the oil that is also found in oily fish and which we almost all eat too little. So healthy fats! In addition to the walnut oil, our wholemeal pasta salad also contains sprout mix: a mix of young, just germinated seeds that are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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wholemeal pasta salad asparagus |  delicious
salad of radish, broad beans and green tahini sauce

Text coordinator Laura explains why she loves Yotam’s recipes so much. ‘The happiest food in the world’ is how Yotam Ottolenghi’s food is typified and yes it also makes me happy!

Take his salad with radish, broad beans and green tahini sauce… that’s such a nice fresh lunch because of the lemon, fresh coriander, parsley and cumin seeds. I use cumin seeds liberally, not ground but whole and I’m already looking forward to a version with fresh broad beans!’

Also try: Ottolenghi’s baked polenta with feta, bechamel and za’atar tomatoes

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radish-delicious salad
quinoa tabbouleh with pomegranate

Janneke Philippi likes to give European classics her own twist. Like tabbouleh with quinoa – so gluten free! The pomegranate seeds provide fresh mini-explosions in your mouth.

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quinoa tabbouleh with pomegranate
tomato peach salad with basil & miso sesame dressing

For a long time, fruit salads were a no go. It’s high time to rid them of that image. Give them at the BBQ, as a starter or serve them for lunch on hot days. This is a top combination of Dutch summer fruit + Italian basil + dressing with a Japanese twist!

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tomato peach salad
lamb souvlaki with tomato feta salad

Souvlaki is also delicious to roast on the barbecue! Extra delicious with nut rice or a baked potato.

Nice ending: Greek orange revani with metaxa

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souvlaki with tomato feta salad
Spanish white bean salad with artichoke & tomato-anchovy dressing

Culinary editor Merijn Tol dives into the beans. And at ‘bean mad’ Henk Zuidema, who grows the Frisian Woudboontje and more tasty Dutch beans in Friesland. Of course she makes delicious recipes with it, such as this Spanish bean salad with a salty anchovy dressing and roasted tomato.

See also: legumes: everything about the (almost) sacred beans + recipes

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Spanish bean salad
italian bean salad with tuna and pistachios

You can have this delicious salad full of beans on the table in no time. Delicious with soft tuna, but leave it out if you want to keep it vegan.

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italian bean salad |  delicious
orange-fennel salad with black olives and watercress dressing

This vegetarian starter with orange and fennel is wonderfully fresh and light. Would you rather make a complete meal of this salad? Serve with grilled steak or ribeye!

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orange-fennel salad with black olives and watercress dressing |  delicious
fennel broad bean salad with hazelnuts and feta

It is already often made at delicious.editors’ homes: the fennel-broad bean salad from our Italian summer issue. With salty, creamy feta, crunchy hazelnuts and lots of crunchy sourdough croutons!

Also delicious with feta: shrimps with tomatoes, spinach and feta from Bakplaatbijbel.

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fennel broad bean salad
pearl couscous salad with asparagus & feta harissa dressing

Just what you crave when the days are getting longer, this pearl couscous salad with delicious Middle Eastern flavors and lots of vegetables!

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pearl couscous salad with asparagus - delicious
salad with raspberries, buffalo mozzarella and green asparagus

In the summer we like to eat nothing more than fresh, green salads. This young salad with raspberry dressing, mozzarella and green asparagus is one of the editorial favourites, which is why we are happy to share the recipe!

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salad with raspberry dressing and mozzarella |  delicious
legume salad with manchego

A fresh legume salad with Spanish manchego. Filling, but at the same time not too heavy. Can’t find manchego? Then use goat cheese or old crumbled cheese.

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legume salad with manchego |  delicious
pod herb salad with burrata and grissini

Celebrate the late summer with this delicious legume and herb salad, a meal salad with a festive touch. Legumes are fantastic, especially when they’re ultra-fresh. Delicious with generous spices, creamy burrata and crispy grissini. You can also easily double or triple the quantities of these salads if you have more diners at the table!

Another tasty salad with snow peas

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pod herb salad with burrata - delicious
roasted pepper salad with dates and merguez

The sun is shining and this colorful meal salad fits in very well. Pointed peppers are slightly sweeter than regular peppers. Together with the dates, your salad will have a summery-sweet taste.

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roasted pepper salad with dates |  delicious
sweet and sour watermelon with radishes & flatbread

Fruit salads are our old-new loves! We breathe new life into them with contemporary seasonings and modern twists. Perfect for days when it’s too hot to eat warm, but also great as a cooling element for a deliciously hot BBQ session.

This watermelon salad with fresh radishes, creamy avocado and crispy flatbread has it all.

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sweet and sour watermelon radish
panzanella with turnip greens

The Italian bread salad gets a seasonal upgrade here with turnip greens. Tasty crunchy stems that you can eat very well raw, for example like this: tossed in a tomato salad with large sourdough croutons.

Tip: You can also use arugula instead of turnip greens.

Also try this salad with potatoes and endive.

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panzanella with turnip greens

Potato salad for the bbq

potato endive salad with mustard parmesan dressing

Minta & Mae, aka M & M, are mother & daughter and love to dive into the kitchen together. Since Mae started high school, she no longer eats meat, so they cook vegan. Not with meat substitutes, but with seasonal vegetables, such as endive.

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potato endive salad with mustard parmesan dressing
potato-pea salad with salmon & buttermilk-garlic dressing

A loyal guest at our BBQ parties and buffets is potato salad. Power pagers!

We give this classic a makeover with new flavor combinations. The potatoes have a nice bite and the buttermilk garlic dressing is wonderfully fresh.

Prefer vegan? Omit the salmon and replace with roasted chickpeas or slices of crispy tempeh.

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potato salad green peas

Would you rather have a rice salad? Check out this list of 17 recipes!

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