120 neglected dogs seized from hard-learn breeder in Deurne

In a recent action by the inspection service, almost 120 dogs were seized from a notorious breeder in Deurne. Despite a frantic last-minute effort by the trader to hide the animals, authorities were able to secure the dogs.

The breeder, known to the National Animal Protection Inspectorate (LID) for past violations, was inspected earlier this year with dozens of dogs discovered in a neglected condition. He was then given a time frame to improve the living conditions and health of the remaining dogs.

When a follow-up inspection was scheduled for Monday, the breeder attempted to hide 118 dogs in sheds in a nearby abandoned yard. By means of a nightly move, he tried to evade inspection.

However, his attempt was thwarted by vigilant neighbors who noticed the moving activities and informed the police. As a result, LID inspectors were able to confiscate the dogs. According to their reports, many of the animals were in a sorry state, left without food or water. Among them were heavily pregnant and lactating bitches.

A significant number of the animals were housed in cat crates that were too small. Several dogs showed signs of severe neglect such as matted coats, baldness from mange and wounds sustained in fights with other dogs. In addition, they suffered from serious intestinal infections.

The breeder, who previously had similar operations in Veldhoven, Overbetuwe and Stein, is known for his practice of relocating under pressure of sanctions and criminal measures related to the unsuitable conditions of his breeding and the welfare of the animals. In addition to fines, the trader will also be responsible for the costs of transportation and medical care for the rescued dogs.

The inspection service is currently investigating whether the man keeps other animals elsewhere, with further actions in the offing. All this follows the recent House of Representatives approval of a lifelong ban on the keeping of penalized breeders, intended to prevent such abusers from setting up new farms.

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