11x our favorite Indian recipes

Delicious smells, beautiful colors and irresistible flavors; that is Indian cuisine for us. As soon as we think of India, our nose immediately fills with the aromas of Indian dishes. Time to make a list of our favorite Indian recipes!

Indian recipes

Crazy about Indian cuisine? We totally understand that, because we are too! On your next visit to the supermarket, put enough spices on your list such as cardamom, cloves, cumin and garam masala and dive into the kitchen with our favorite Indian recipes. Inside no time your whole house smells wonderful and you put the tastiest Indian dishes on the table.

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Kheema pav

Recently Bas dived into the kitchen together with Paulami Joshi, then they made this delicious one kheema pav. Bas tells about Paulami’s recipe: “Just the smell that is released while you fry the fresh ginger-garlic paste in oil is reason enough to make this recipe. Let the mixture simmer in the pan until the oil floats to the top, so you know all the flavors and aromas have been fully absorbed. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami; it all comes together in this dish.”

> to the recipe: kheema pav

Indian Recipes: Kheema Pav

Indian fish curry

A curry on the table within 40 minutes? You are guaranteed to succeed with this delicious Indian fish curry recipe. In this recipe we use hake fillet, but choose the fish you like best.

> to the recipe: Indian fish curry

Indian fish curry

Butter chicken (murgh makhani)

We probably don’t have to introduce this Indian classic to you. With this recipe for butterchicken (murgh makhani) you make the chicken exactly as it should be: full of creamy butter flavor and also butter tender. As far as we are concerned, this is one of our favorite Indian recipes.

> to the recipe: butter chicken (murgh makhani)


Lamb biryani with spicy raita

A large pan filled with tasty and spicy rice with incredibly tender lamb, that is this fragrant lamb biryani. Biryani is often eaten at special and festive moments, so as far as we’re concerned, you can go all out when you put this dish on the table.

> to the recipe: lamb biryani with spicy raita

Lamb biryani with spicy raita

Roasted vegetables with curry dressing

Do you want to give vegetables a quick taste? Then a good dressing is your best friend. You may not immediately think of the addition of curry paste, but give it a try. With a spoonful of curry in your dressing, you can quickly make vegetables incredibly tasty!

> to the recipe: roasted vegetables with curry dressing

Roasted vegetables with curry dressing

More Indian recipes:

Tamarind shrimp curry

Once you’ve made your own curry paste, you’ll never want anything else. You can make this version with ingredients from your pantry and this recipe is on the table within half an hour. What else do you want?

> to the recipe: tamarind shrimp curry

Tamarind shrimp curry

Bombay sandwich with potato, cheese and green chutney

Bombay potatoes are a popular side dish of potatoes that you parboil first and then fry in a fragrant mixture of spices. This sandwich is inspired by this dish and enriched with a homemade green chutney. This one is a bit spicy, but thanks to the lemon and fresh herbs also nice and fresh.

> to the recipe: bombay sandwich with potato, cheese and green chutney

Bombay sandwich with potato, cheese and green chutney

Paneer butter masala

If Paulami Joshi is good at anything, it’s Indian recipes. Like the kheema pav at the top of this article, this fabulous recipe is also hers. Paulami says: “In restaurants this dish is called paneer butter masala and a lot of butter is used to make it creamy. In folk cuisine we call it paneer makhani and the creaminess more often comes from mashed nuts in combination with a little butter or cream. Delicious with flatbread with garlic and butter or cumin rice.”

> to the recipe: paneer butter masala

Paneer butter masala

Saag paneer: curry with paneer and spinach

Another irresistible recipe from Indian cuisine! Paneer is a young, fresh Indian cheese. The cheese is made with milk and lemon juice (or vinegar). Without animal rennet, so the cheese is vegetarian.

> to the recipe: saag paneer

Saag paneer: curry with paneer and spinach

Mango ice cream with ginger and lime

This recipe is from the book “India Express” by Rukmini Iyer. She tells about her recipe: “This is delicious ice cream full of candied ginger and with a touch of lime, which enhances the taste of the mango. As with Mango Lassi, if Indian or Pakistani mangoes are not in season, I would definitely make this ice cream with the Alphonso or Kesar canned mango pulp (these cans contain 850 grams, so you can make lassi from the rest). A perfect dessert.”

> to the recipe: mango ice cream with ginger and lime

Mango ice cream with ginger and lime

Mango lassi with mint and grapefruit

We conclude this list of our favorite Indian recipes with a sweet recipe: mango lassi. The sweetness of mango combines very well with fresh mint and bittersweet grapefruit. Flavors that go well together, especially this fruity one smoothie from India.

> to the recipe: mango lassi with mint and grapefruit

Mango lassi with mint and grapefruit

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