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The warm summer sun is crying out for an ice-cold drink in our hand. Are you sometimes tired of the standard soft drinks? Then read on quickly! We have collected the most delicious summer drinks for you.

Summer drinks

Temperatures are rising, the fresh summer fruit is back on the market and our bodies are screaming for cooling. Time for an ice cold drink! For inspiration, we collected our favorite summer drinks. Because why would you buy summer drinks in the supermarket when you can also make them at home?

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Detox water with melon, thyme and allspice

This tasty detox water with melon, thyme and allspice satisfies hunger and is diuretic. Ideal to drink in the afternoon and thus prevent the appetite!

> to the recipe: detox water with melon, thyme and allspice

detox water with melon, thyme and allspice

Pineapple lemonade

Making your own lemonade is easy and fun. This pineapple lemonade is wonderfully refreshing and perfect for a day at the beach or at a summer barbecue. Do not you have fancy juicer? Then you can also use a blender to make pineapple juice.

> to the recipe: pineapple lemonade

pineapple lemonade

Pineapple smoothie with lime and mint

Don’t be put off by the green color, this one smoothie is insanely delicious. Because of the sweet taste of the bananas, you can’t even taste the spinach. This way you can easily get your portion of vegetables!

> to the recipe: pineapple smoothie with lime and mint

smoothie recipes

Ginger kombucha mocktail

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a mocktail. We make this sparkling variant with ginger and kombucha. That is not only very tasty but also healthy.

> to the recipe: ginger kombucha mocktail

kombucha mocktail

Rosemary’s Pear

Pears are wonderfully sweet and juicy. Perfect to use in a refreshing drink. Mix in some lemon juice bitter lemon and pear juice. Add ice cubes and you’re ready for a drink!

> to the recipe: rosemary’s pear

The tastiest mocktails: Rosemary's Pear

Virgin Mary Mule

Put lime juice, fresh mint, fresh cucumber and ginger beer together and you get a delicious cooling drink. The taste is nice and fresh and therefore perfect for the summer.

> to the recipe: virgin mary mule

Virgin Mary Mule

Spicy celery smoothie with lime and coriander

Many an Instagrammer swears by celery juice. And probably you too, after you do this smoothie tried recipe! The drink has a nice fresh taste because of the lime.

> to the recipe: spicy celery smoothie with lime and coriander

Spicy celery smoothie with lime and coriander

Ginger turmeric juice

This juice is great to drink before exercising or to give you some extra energy in the morning. We spiced it up with the ginger! Nice to wake up to in the morning.

> to the recipe: ginger-turmeric juice

summer drinks

Pineapple vanilla smoothie

Fancy one treat? This pineapple-vanilla smoothie is nice and sweet due to the addition of vanilla ice cream. Just one Milkshake!

> to the recipe: pineapple vanilla smoothie

Pineapple vanilla smoothie

Cool cassis

You can easily make cool cassis at home. Not the well-known very sweet drink from the supermarket, but your own fuzzy variant after the recipe of fermentation expert Christian Weij.

> to the recipe: cool cassis

cool cassis christian weij

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